List of forums


(Un)ironic memes from the soul, too real for Reddit

/f/Ability Ability and ableism

Forum covering topics around ability and ableism

/f/GrindcoreA blast a day keeps the asylum away!

A blast a day keeps the asylum away!


A forum to discuss abusive relationships of all kinds, kindly


A space for academics to critique the abusive hierarchy of the academic world, discuss the commodification of knowledge, and other academic issues.

/f/AccountabilityAccounting for ourselves

Forum around accountability systems, healing processes, and reconciliation


Living with addiction

/f/IndiaA forum for everything India.


/f/Making_MusicA forum if you wanna post or just keep an eye on things related to making music

Perhaps a bit more focused on electronic stuff but really any input on making music is welcome!

/f/Africa Africa is not a country

Africa Forum: A space for a continent constantly elided and misrepresented to make itself present

/f/AfrophobiaAfrophobic Xenophobia in South Africa

A forum around Afrophobic Xenophobia in South Africa, especially as relevant to anti-authoritarian anti-capitalists.

/f/religiousextremismAgainst Abusive Organized Religion

Against Abusive Organized Religion

/f/Palestine_and_Israel Against Israeli apartheid

Palestine and Israel Forum: Against Israeli apartheid

/f/Age_and_AgeismAge and Ageism

Forum for engaging the topics of age and ageism

/f/guitarA home for guitar players and learners

For players, learners, and appreciators of guitar alike! Post your guitar pictures, questions, tips, gear, etc. Also go ahead and post bass, ukulele, mandolin, etc. if you are so inclined.

/f/DiscordianAll Hail Eris!

Chaos, Disorder, and other Fun Things(tm).

/f/metalAll Metal Music

/f/News All News

General Raddle forum for any and all news.

/f/furryAll stuff fluff!

Raddles official Furry Forum!

/f/ChileAll things Chile

All things Chile


A forum about the monstrous empire, from an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian perspective


Anarcha-Feminism forum.