List of forums


A forum for discussion around parenting, especially from an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian perspective

/f/EducationPrimary and Secondary Education

This is a forum for teachers, students, parent and administrators to discuss education policy, methods and tools. It's focus will be on flipped classrooms, unschooling, socially conscious education and equitable funding models.

/f/Sex_WorkSex Work

A forum for discussion of anything related to sex work, especially from an antiauthoritarian and anticapitalist perspective

/f/South_AsiaThe Subcontinent

Information and discussion about the Asian Subcontinent relevant to anarchists and anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist radicals


Forum about China, especially as relevant to anti-authoritarian anti-capitalists.

/f/FolkFolk Music

Folk music is the voice of the people. It was often the only way rural people could express themselves. This forum is here to celebrate these traditions.


For links, resources, and discussion on topics relating to the homeless.