List of forums

/f/anticivAnti-Civilization Anarchism

Anti-Civilization Anarchism

/f/FacebookDestroy Fedbook, Dethrone Zuckerberg

A site for agitation against facebook and exposure of their illegal and/or unethical activities.

/f/Race Race

General Raddle forum for all race related news, articles and discussion.

/f/SyrianCivilWarSyrian Civil War

News, analysis, discussion, and investigative journalism of the conflict in Syria. Along with regional and global news that may impact the region, such as updates on Iraq, CJTF–OIR, and Turkey.

/f/LatinoamericaAnarquismo en Latinoamerica

/f/AnarquismoContra la autoridad

Debates, noticias... que tienen que ver con el anarquismo

/f/Decolonisation Indigenous Struggles and Decolonisation

Indigenous Struggles and Decolonisation

/f/MentalWellbeing Radical Mental Wellbeing

Forum for mental wellbeing (mental illness) support and discussion

/f/AustraliaAustralian leftist news, organisation and discourse

A place for Australian socialists and anarchists of all kinds to discuss timely matters, organise events, and shitpost memes.

/f/The_DonaldThe God Emperor himself

/f/EuropeFortress Europe

A forum for European issues

/f/Health Health generally, and dedicated to people who need healthcare/medical services the most

A forum around health generally, and dedicated to people who need healthcare/medical services the most

/f/Food food

How our food affects our lives.

/f/PiracyPiracy is not theft.

"Piracy" in the modern day refers to the practice of deliberate copyright infringement. Feel free to talk about that, but discussions relating to historical or real-life piracy are also allowed.

/f/Films Films

Films discussions, news, trailers, etc.


Discuss economic systems and how to implement them.

/f/Migrants Migrants


/f/art Art


/f/Blackness Blackness

A forum around blackness, as is relevant to those with an intersectional, decolonial, anticapitalist and anti-authoritarian perspective

/f/LiGNUx lignux

The OS to rule them all

/f/EsperantoProbably the easiest language in the world

Forum for discussion in or about the international language, Esperanto.

/f/DeathToAmuricaThe Terrorist State, Destroyer of All Life

The world burns for the United States of America's benefit

/f/China China

Forum about China, especially as relevant to anti-authoritarian anti-capitalists.


A forum around Canada, especially from an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist perspective