List of forums

/f/Television TV

TV-series discussions, news, etc.

/f/freeAsInFreedom Libre Software

Free and Open-Source Software and Hardware, Cybersecurity, Decentralization

/f/metameta: Site discussion

Discuss issues pertaining to

/f/EatTheRich Take Bread, and if There's No Bread, Eat the Rich Instead

Sickening tales of excess and greed.

/f/Socialism Socialism

Seize the means of production!

/f/Whiteness Death to Whiteness

Against whiteness, understanding it to destroy it.

/f/Games Gaming

Talk about computergames, handheld & mobile games, videogames.

/f/Privacy Protecting your privacy in the information age

Privacy & Security Online & Off


Brazilian Raddle Forum: All things relevant to Brazil, especially from an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian perspective.

/f/Science Science

Talk about science

/f/indigenous Indigenous

News and information about indigenous and traditional peoples around the world

/f/Prisons Death to prisons

A forum to talk about prisons and prison abolition

/f/PoC People of Color

Issues relating to minorities, immigrants, indigenous peoples and non-Westerners.

/f/anticapital Anti-Capital

General anticapitalist forum

/f/Media Media

Comment and analysis on all sorts of media as relevant to anti-authoritarian anti-capitalists and anarchists

/f/Podcasts Podcasts and Internet Radio

Forum for podcasts and online radio relevant to anarchist and anti-authoritarian anticapitalists more broadly.

/f/ShitLiberalsSayShit Liberals Say

A place to laugh at the worst liberals in the world.

/f/Borders Borders

Forum discussing the politics of borders, migrations, nation-states from a radical anti-authoritarian anticapitalist perspective

/f/Students_and_Universities Student Struggles and the Academic World

Student Struggles, University and the Academic World


Against militarism, against war.

/f/books Books

Books for your brain

/f/Climate_Changed It's already here.

Extreme weather and other climate-related events around the world


A place to share content hosted on Mega.

/f/GrindcoreA blast a day keeps the asylum away!

A blast a day keeps the asylum away!

/f/Vegan Animal rights and earth liberation

Talk vegan food, health and animal rights issues