Forum focused on the anti-capitalist practice of law-breaking.

/f/Anarchism Anarchism

Forum for anarchists and libertarian socialists. All anarchist tendencies welcome. Let's make anarchy together.

/f/News All News

Raddle forum for any and all news.

/f/memer memer

Radical politics memes

/f/Feminism Feminism

Discussion pertaining to women's liberation and other feminist topics.

/f/Empire Documenting Global Tyranny

The crimes of state-military-prison-industrial complexes the world over

/f/Green Earth is Not Yours to Conquer

For a future with the planet, not against it

/f/Antifa Anti-Fascist Action

We fight fascism because no one else will

/f/ACAB Let's Unmake All Relations Of Policing

Forum for for the abolition of the police - the domestic arm of any state's monopoly on violence

/f/lobby lobby: Welcome to Raddle!

A community for anyone that opposes inequality.

/f/Worker Worker

A forum around work and labour concerns

/f/Tech Technology

Technology discussion


Anarchist Memes

/f/Fascism Fascism: A Global Epidemic

Death to Fascism

/f/USAThe United States of America

A place for articles about the news events, politics, and history of the US.

/f/Queer Queer community

Be Gay Do Crimes - a forum

/f/Africa Africa is not a country

Africa Forum: A space for a continent constantly elided and misrepresented to make itself present

/f/AskRaddle Ask Raddle Anything!

Got a question to ask the Raddle community? Drop it here!

/f/Music Music

Music for your ears

/f/Trans Gender things

A forum around trans concerns and gender things!

/f/History Fascinating Moments in History

Fascinating moments in history

/f/collapse The Ongoing Collapse of Civilization

Documenting and Discussing the Ongoing Collapse of Civilization

/f/CapitalismInDecay Capitalism In Decay

Watch capitalism desperately reach out looking for something to hold onto as it runs out of room to expand and begins to sink

/f/Politics General Politics

General Politics

/f/Palestine_and_Israel Against Israeli apartheid

Palestine and Israel Forum: Against Israeli apartheid