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raindropq wrote

i wouldn't stress about those mistakes. just, translations are interpreted uniquely in free-association and wordplay, they might -understandably- be deemed crude or toxic if unfamiliar or off-tasting .i like the story , it says Come On, people! let' s stop waiting for the right moment, this involves us, now!


AmeliaAnarchist wrote

I was in a bad mood when I wrote this so theres a bit of a "nothing can be done" and "no one gives a fuck" mood to it. I was also saying "if you wait too long, nothing can be done"


raindropq wrote (edited )

i too, struggle with that kind of desperate feelings and cynical thoughts: maybe the distinction between waiting and pazience , runs parallel to thatbetween gaming and play, or being a Fuck and giving one / doing it

edad: seeing this writing-prompt forum makes me happy. i look forward to further engagement innit. / aleays wanted to do something like this!


raindropq wrote

and maybe the difference between habit or tendency and fix or possession , between sensation and idealisation ...