[TECH] Sealand royalty implements plan to artificially expand the base

Submitted by jadedctrl in worldpowers

There is so much tension and so many annoyances nowadays-- we have to share bedrooms, two or three to each, and can hardly do anything without bumping into each other. In a few years, we will certainly be completely out of room. Some of the immigrants are having children.
Making decisions (when not made by royal decree) is harder now, as the immigrants tend to disagree with native Sealandic people. Some of us are getting really frustrated with them. They are the root of this overcrowding, they are the issue, so these people think.
But it seems clear to me that all these native Sealandics' children are really the main contributors...
Regardless, it's clear that expansion is necessary for Sealand's survival and growth.
For the fiscal capital necessary to expand the base, we have revived HavenCo, a data haven service. It isn't as popular as it was in it's first incarnation-- going defunct has a way of ruining a data-haven's supposed reputation of reliability-- but it is enough to at least expand the right side of the base with a 50m supported platform.
We contracted with an English firm to construct this platform.
Construction should be finished soon.


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