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Styx wrote

No!! There's no bloody cinema anywhere near me! Waiting for it to appear on the net (and not the cam version).

Did you like it?


fortifiedmischief wrote

i did... there's a lot to be said about it. Paul Dano is fabulous and Robby Patty also does very very well considering batman the character is a bit lackluster. overall a wonderfully dark experience.


Styx wrote (edited )

Okay, well I keep waiting for it to appear! Such a weird experience to have to wait for it though. I thought we no longer did that 'exclusive cinema release' bullshit!


moonlune OP wrote

Haha I feel you I'm still waiting for the new spider man to appear on the world wide web.


Styx wrote

Yeah, I'm the biggest fan of HBOcinema and other shit like that. Yes, please stream these blockbusters so I can putlocker them in hd three hours later!