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EAT_THE_RICH wrote (edited )

/w/xyz is a sandbox page that just reads 'Hello world'

I'll have you know that page is great praxis and the most valuable page on the Wiki and I will NOT have you delete it. Almost as great as 'Dumaists don't eat unpeeled turnips'.

But, seriously, yeah, we really need to clean up some of the extraneous stuff. It's been four months now and there are still pointless pages like this left up on the Wiki. This is getting more than a little silly.


GrimWillow wrote

I can lock and edit them using the tools provided by postmill, but I don't see a "delete" option anywhere. I'm assuming there's a way to delete it by accessing the filestystem on the server, but I'm not sure that it's that necessary.


ergdj5 wrote

I was mostly hoping to get it cleaner so I can browse the 'all pages' list with less mess, so I'd have to oppose doing that.