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Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in wiki (edited )

Hey all,

So I've just created and set out an absolutely bare-bones set of points in w/About. Over the course of about a week I'd like to have a decent initial write-up there, and it'd be great if you could help.

I'd like it to be a wiki where, in a short amount of space, we express a range of different things that are good about Raddle. In effect, it should work to answer the question, if anybody asks, "Well what's Raddle all about and what's so good about it?". The target audience being press, and potential users.

Other wikis do touch on Raddle's strengths, but I'm looking for this to be concise and comprehensive.

So far as I can tell, I need at least two things.

  • Add to the list.
  • It'd be great if people could expand on and arcticulate the few phrases listed. For example I probably am not the best person to explain to somebody why libre software is good. If you could write up a line or two for any of the points, that'd be helpful, and I'll either take it as is or adjust it for style to fit it with the wiki as a whole as it grows.

If you can think of anything else you'd like to contribute that is welcome also. Feel free to edit the wiki directly but please discuss edits here so people involved know what is happening.

Any thoughts are generally encouraged.



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Pop wrote

I'm confused about what nettle is

A decentralised server?

How do those work and does raddle use it?