Help with the Raddle Reading List Please raddle.me

Submitted by ziq admin in wiki (edited )

Right now it links to texts on external sites, they need to be copied over to the raddle, so e.g. w/What_Is_Anarchism instead of https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/alexander-berkman-what-is-communist-anarchism

There's also a lot missing from the non-anarchist sections, and we need other topics like permaculture, anticiv, queer, etc.


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antln wrote

In the "For Beginners" section you're linking "The Ego and His Own" and in the "Egoism, post-left & post-anarchism" one you're linking "The Unique and Its Property". You should keep only the latter because it's the newer and better English translation, although I don't know if you should have it in the "For Beginners" section.


Ant wrote

How about making a new category similar to wikis for texts

t/What_Is_Anarchism instead of w/
to distinguish between things that are generally for editing and updating and things that are texts saved to a library?


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

Hey, thanks for getting this started, but is it really a problem if we link to external sites? like alot of books on libcom or elsewhere are only in ebook form and not html


ziq wrote (edited )

It should do both.

Libcom especially has a bad track record of changing their urls every few months, so the links all break and need to be fixed.

Any site can go down at any moment, so the more sources available for these texts, the better.


zombie_berkman wrote

personally i thought mutual aid was a rather poor book. i went 2 or 3 chapters in and stopped. it was super repetitive and got old fast


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

well the first 2 or 3 chapters are about animal behavior and so are pretty boring, the later chapters are more about anthropology and history. For most people tho, just very last chapter is all they need to read.

In that it's a book on Evolutionary Biology it's pretty well written considering the other books in that genre.