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Submitted by trekhleb in webdev

Hello Readers!

For those of you who launched or plan to launch your next startup I’ve created a list of 50+ platforms you may use to promote your next project for free.

Of course it is far from perfect and being complete. In my opinion there is only one perfect advertisement channel and it is people who are in love with your product. Their sharing activities is the best advertisement. But this list of platforms mentioned in the repository may be a good starting point of spreading the word about something you’ve done.

All links there are split by following actions:

  • Post News
  • Create Product Page
  • Post an Article
  • Write for News Blog
  • Answer Questions
  • Write to Dev-Chats
  • Become Awesome
  • Register in Startup Directories

I also put short descriptions for each resource that might help you to pick the right platform for your marketing strategy.

I hope you find promote-your-next-startip repository useful.

Happy promotion!


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