Is it still too early to use CSS Grid?

Submitted by sudo in webdev

CSS Grid is a godsend, but it's only been around for about a year now. I'd like to make a responsive website that would have at most a few thousand users, and I'd love to create the layout using grid. Grid is now supported by the latest versions of all major web browsers, but there might still be some people using older browsers, and it would look broken for them. Then again, I'm of the mindset that if you're using a browser that's years out of date, then fuck you, update your browser.

I guess my question is, what percent of people are still using browsers that don't support grid layouts?


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DissidentRage wrote

Personally I prefer flexbox. I don't really think it's too early to adopt it, and there are tools to help adapt your CSS rules for multiple browsers.


sudo wrote

Flexbox is nice, yeah, but it's not really a tool I'd use for designing the layout of a page, since it wasn't really designed for that (at least, I wouldn't use it for layouts now that we have grid).


bea wrote

Imo you should support at least the latest FF-ESR, even if you have to make it an alternative page with simpler design.

If you want to know percentages look at https://caniuse.com


sudo wrote (edited )

Looks like the latest Firefox ESR supports grid, so hooray!


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I doubt that many of us aren't updating our browsers.

Presumably most of us are using Tor, also?

I use four different browsers depending on what I'm doing.


sudo wrote

Yeah, but I mean people on the web in general, not specifically the Raddle userbase.