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What is Code Analysis?

Code analysis refers to the analysis of source code or compiled code program to find errors. It can be done in one of two ways - through static analysis or dynamic analysis. On one hand, static analysis is a way programmers can test the code without executing it. The static code analysis tools provide an effective manner to identify faults at an early stage so that they can be fixed before creating havoc at the time code is being released.

While on the other hand, dynamic analysis is done while the code is being executed on a processor. It can assist in detecting the error of the code interacts with other servers, services, or databases. Dynamic analysis can only find faults in the specific code excerpt instead of the complete codebase.

Now, the next question is…

Why is Code Analysis Important? Poor source code can lead to plenty of problems along with overworked days for the programmers. It often happens that the management ignores the analysis of code, resulting in long-lasting negative effects on the development process.

If left unchecked, then the issues a programmer can face entails:

Difficulty in adding new features while disrupting the existing ones

Prolonged updates, missed deadlines, and low productivity due to bug fixes

While onboarding a new developer, the complexity of the code makes it difficult to understand the functionality of the project

It can also lead to compatibility issues with different operating systems and devices

Gains vulnerabilities

Poor documentation



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