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ikk wrote

Wow didn't know there was a vim forum on Raddle!

This is an amazing list of plugins. Lost my Emacs / Spacemacs config a while back so I just went with vim because better out-of-box bindings.

When programming, I like to just be able to run the current file easily, <Space> → <Enter>, so I set this:

" set Space as leader key
let mapleader = " "
" run current file
nnoremap <leader><CR> :!./%<CR>
" make current file runnable
nnoremap <leader>x :!chmod +x %<CR>

Neovim's terminal mode is also really good, so I also set a shortcut for that:

nnoremap <leader>t :terminal<CR>

Will definitely check your list of plugins, especially the distraction free modes.