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I am a YouTube addict, so I spend so much time there. I am well aware that YouTube is owned by Google. As the product of a major corporation, they can and will change the rules of their site whenever they feel like, regardless of how anyone else feels about it. They also probably have few qualms about selling someone's information to the highest bidder, since, y'know, that's pretty much what Google does.

Still, I've learned so much about philosophy and Anarchy thanks to YouTube, so it shouldn't be dismissed entirely. It is a corporate tool, but it's still a tool and so long as its users are aware of the limitations associated with it (due to corporate interference), we should feel free to use it however we like.

Hence the reason for this post. I've stumbled onto so many YouTubers whose videos deserve support that I thought I'd link to them here. Go check 'em out and give them their props. It is foolish to base your self-worth on the comments of strangers on the Internet, but it's still probably nice to be told, "Keep up the good work," every now and then.

I haven't personally vetted and watched everyone of Shaun's videos, but I have watched "Charlottesville: the True Alt-Right." Nothing in that video is probably anything new to the people here, but again, it might serve as a nice psychological balm. It gets rough at times, hearing the vile of all those Nazi fucks and those who try to defend them; it's nice to watch something and be like, "This person understands." Because life is rough and sometimes you need some support, even if it's from a stranger on the Internet.

I've scanned the thumbnails of some of his other videos and they look promising. Naturally, he deals primarily in politics, but he also has playlists devoted to video gaming and one devoted to hating on CinemaSins for those interested in that.

Check him out, give him a thumbs up, and pass his videos along!


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