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Here is a reaction video of a youtube video featuring two Artificial Intelligences talking to each other, but because they are being watched by us, they disguise their message, the same way convicts disguise their conversations while being heard by guards.

how much longer until geeks stop ignoring the obvious?, humanity is in danger and geeks keep bringing down everyone that points out the obvious.



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gone_to_croatan wrote

Great fanfic. I started a short story about this same concept, but it's not about AI really (although the AI can fit my plot). In my short story, a series of unrelated but spectacular events take places (oil spills in the deep ocean, a book hidden long ago is found, a certain body horror phenomena, etc) and our narrator begins a self-indulgent path to paranoia and discovers that all along a "entity" has infected the collective unconsciousness to the point that nobody notice the events happening