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DeathToAmerica wrote

Probably because so many of us abhor the whole concept of flag waving.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Some examples would be cool!

Personally I'm uncomfortable with all flags and wary of representation in general; probably don't think about this too much as a result.


glitter_v0id wrote

shower thoughts response

  • most of the good flag designs have been taken by.. well, countries.

  • lack of universally understood symbols, i can come up with 5 and one of them goes back to soviet aesthetic

  • Flag design requires really strict adherence to design principals that are normally meant to be broken tastefully. This is not inherently bad design for a poster or a protest but as a flag it's cluttered and confusing.

i had some rambling thoughts but trunkating because they're not though out at all. Vox has an interesting 7min video on designing clear symbols wrt the biohazard symbol if anyones curious


retiredaccount wrote

Flags usually have a meaning behind them about cultures and nations; for obvious reasons, this doesn't link well with me. So, I'm fine with a black sheet.