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selver wrote

Do the people still using Facebook really care at all?

It was always obvious your data wasn't safe with them.


imnoturfriend wrote

My raddleres, you're silly for ever having facebook. it's only a form of regulation. They can see what you like or what you hate. They can see your friends, your political ideas. LOOK at the Cambridge scandal. Things like this wouldn't be possible if YOU (people hated on me for saying "we") dindn't post on Facebook. I'm just supporting the ideas of another poster,. Search this for yourself, learn the truth. Posting your whole life and political ideals on the internet aren't anonymous, especially on Facebook.


Dumai wrote

what makes you think we don't already know this

once again i am surprised to know somebody more condescending than me, i did not know this was possible


____deleted____ wrote

Wow, this is the most condescending post I have ever read. It's impressive. It's amazing. We need to put it in a museum, its a memetic anomaly.