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Hi All,

I know we have lots of great plans for running society after our left-unity violent uprising takes control via a peaceful transition of power, but I just wanted to get a draft flyer out.

I wanted to have something ready to show our appreciation for our anarcho-communist friends, for being good anarcho-communists, just like us.

I was thinking a camp, to really get in the spirit of working as a community, I'm really trying to show our diversity.

Let me know what you think.

Cheers Anarcho-Engel-Nihilist

Note: Don't send to "Reese", she'll freak out.

Camp Left-Unity: A summer like no other!

Say goodbye to the alienation of individuality, when you register with our outstanding labour camps. You'll be granted your recycled serial number and become one with your assigned community, saying farewell to selfishness.

Thanks to communism, each labour camp is equipped with a community open-air bathing and toilet pit facility, for a real feeling of truely equal community living.

To really enjoyed connecting with the elements, sleeping where ever you fall in our breezy camp accommodation. With exposure like this, you'll think you're dead.

Every day, our democratically elected community guards will supervise engaging physical activities, ensuring the anarcho-nation is free from oppression. You'll be so exhausted from our activities that you'll never try to leave.

Food is shared evenly by everyone. Your communities designated food processing team members will provide each person based on their needs. Needs will be calculated based on the value of the work achieved against each serial number*.

Meet our exciting diverse team:
Matt: He/him
Steve: He/him
Dirk: **
Reese: She/her *** Position vacant
Nigel: He/him
XxxSh4d0wL0rdxxX: 1337/Pwner
Dwayne: She/her ****
Dareeth: it/its *****

We hope to see you here, after the Revolution!

* Attempts to redistribute in manners not approved (by the democratic ruling of the soviet syndicate for community labour enforcement) will be strongly discouraged, as going against the decisions of the people.

** thinks pronouns are for fags

*** asked for he/him, but failed to pass community vote

**** lol, he's she's such a clown

***** chosen by community vote



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