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inthedustofthisplanet OP wrote

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It comes from a place of not wanting to walk into traps anymore. The constant barrage of faceless people (or even those with faces I know and see every day) just constantly disregarding the real feelings of people different than them can be too much. It causes me to lose myself and play into what they want. But the alternative of ceasing to do anything about it is the opposite of what I want to do. The problem is knowing what to do with the energy in me.

I know how I felt when I was younger and tranaphobia was much more prevalent and so deeply casual. I don't want others to feel how I felt back then. It still has an effect on me and I don't think I'll ever move forward from it.

When my therapist diagnosed me with disthymia about a year ago was a huge revelation to me and made so much since about aspects of my life.

Thank you so much. I do know what the right path for me is, but it's such a tiring existence because of other people.


mofongo wrote

Lol ban


lettuceLeafer wrote

Yeah they are almost certainly a troll just trying to start flame wars considering their industrial bad take production.


inthedustofthisplanet OP wrote (edited )

They weren't a psychiatrist and didn't shovel pills into me. We did talk therapy and gave me tools I need to deal with it that I have been neglecting to utilize.


LeninsBestCat wrote

That's good, I'm glad you are getting the help you need comrade.


fool wrote

Why must everything be extreme?

All or nothing!

Do we take the same approach to socialism? Since people did bad stuff in it's name, we must disavow everything related - all socialist philosophy.

Is there nothing useful in the entire field? Since it's a special subcategory of medicine, should we disavow all medicine?