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Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, so I want to write a little post about something I learned about last year and I haven't stopped being angry since. Don't go into this thinking this is something like u/LittleStarlight's historical features, this is just an angry rant.

It is common knowledge that the nazis were cruel, murderous bastards who targeted every marginalised group there is, basically, and you may already know that for a lot of those groups, including queer people, the cruelty did not stop at all with the end of the war. The people imprisoned, or put in concentration camps, for homosexuality were, after the allies freed the people in the camps, quickly put back into prison for the same charges, often enough by the same judges, who got to keep their jobs. Germany continued persecuting homosexual people for decades. In West Germany the Nazis' anti gay law was kept until 1994 and only weakened in 1969 (East Germany abolished it in 1968). It took until 2002 for the state to overturn convictions made during the nazi period and it took until 2017 for Germany to apologise and overturn convictions for cis gay men that were charged with homosexuality after WW2.

But that's homosexual cis men. Other queer people have not seen that same kind of attention. It was only this year that the german parliament recognised other queer victims of the nazis. But I'm not here to tell you I'm angry at the government, that's always a given. Even if you didn't know anything about the situation, you probably didn't expect it to be better, it's the fucking government after all. I'm angry at archivists, historians and ignorant activists (who didn't bother to look closer at the findings of those bigoted historians and archivists), who have in my opinion been complicit in the nazis' erasure of trans people.

Trans people were persecuted, tortured and murdered by the nazi regime. It is fucking sad that to this day that's something people can "debate" on twitter. Trans women were put into the camps as homosexual men, trans men (like cis lesbians who were similarly erased) most often as "Asoziale" (antisocials) or other things they came up with (when the nazis wanted you dead, they found something to kill you for). The historians looking through the extensive documentation, that the nazis made of their crimes, just believed them (wtf?!).

Sure, this person dressed as a woman every day, used a female name and pronouns, was seen as a woman by her community and her partners, was imprisoned several times for presenting as a woman, refused to stop presenting as a woman even if it meant her death, but the nazis accused her of being a homosexual man trying to trick the poor heteros into accidentally fucking a dude and put her into the death camp as a homosexual man. So as historians we ought to remember her as a person she never was, under a name she didn't use. Just another gay man.

This is the continued victimisation of trans people that were murdered by the nazis. Deadnamed and misgendered for ~80 years (and ongoing) after they've been murdered.

You might know about the so called "Stolpersteine" (stumbling stones), if you don't, it's basically a gigantic memorial throughout the whole of Germany that has been initiated in 1992. Victims of the nazi murder machine get a little bronze plate on a concrete block laid into the ground, that has their name and some of their life dates, outside of their last place of residence. Actually a pretty cool concept, I think. For a such a stone to be placed, the artist responsible relies on local groups to research and get permission from the city. Those groups then tell the artist what should be written on that plate.

This year, this fucking year, after 31 years and ~100 thousand Stolpersteine that have been laid in those years, this year the very first Stolperstein that doesn't deadname the trans person on it has been laid for Käte Rogalli. There continue to be Stolpersteine and memorial webpages that misgender and deadname trans victims of the nazis, such as Liddy Bacroff, who on her Stolperstein has her deadname in big fat letters and her real name only in smaller font and in quotes below that, not to mention state archives that still keep their files under their deadnames.

It is so fucking sad and anger inducing.

Nowadays we have cool people that try to fix this somewhat, like the activists responsible for Käte Rogalli's Stolperstein, Julia Steenken who works for the DGTI, the historian Dana Mahr, and the historian Bodie Ashton who gave several great talks/interviews about the life and death of Liddy Bacroff, and together with the party die Linke petitioned the government to recognise all queer victims of the nazis. But despite these people's best efforts, we'll never be able to memorialise all trans victims of the nazis as who they really were. Their existence has been erased (in part by the nazis, but also in part by the historians that came after them) and is to this day brought into question by fascist assholes who want to finish what the nazis started, using the same fucking arguments too.

I wish this post could instead be filled by some information about individual trans people that were murdered by the nazis, so that we can do some remembering on the day of remembrance, but well... I put two videos on the bottom of this post that are more about remembering.

I'm going to put a few sources here, most of them are going to be german though.!5952829/



The ones I recommend you to look at:

The parallel lives of Liddy Bacroff: Transgender history and the tyranny of the archive

Transgender experiences in Weimar and Nazi Germany



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itsalways1312somewhere OP wrote

We know a little about Liddy Bacroff, because she wrote several semi biographical pieces while in prison, but afaik these writings aren't available anywhere online. I am currently considering asking Dr. Bodie Ashton if he can help me get those.


Jialunes wrote

Thank you for sharing. Now I'm also fucking angry, although not surprised.


Zb0 wrote

A wonderful post and man my hatred for nazis increased ten fold months ago when I learned more about what they did...and people have to audacity to tell us that we're "overreacting" and that we're " worried about nothing" GTFO with that shit man....


BLVDE wrote

its germany
from what i can see it never really got away from being a nazi state and good chances are that this is gonna get worse again soon seeing how the politics are playing out there...


Everydaycitizen900 wrote (edited )

I strongly disagree with the idea that modern day Germany is a nazi state or anywhere near it, if there is any government that has learned from its history and changed for the better, it is the German government. Unlike what some would want us to believe, the AFD political party is not really that popular and neo-nazis are generally laughed at in Germany, it is simply unlikely that fascism would raise again in Germany, I could only really see that happening if the AFD or any other neo-nazi group gets extremely lucky and the German government gets extremely unlucky, the stars would basically have to align for us to ever see a nazi government rule over Berlin again.

(I hope I don't sound aggressive, I just wanted to show my disagreement with your take on the matter. I hope you have a good day/night! )


BLVDE wrote

i mean...
i guess im overstating things
but i live next to germany and thanks to other ppl im quite updated about it and as usual news is mainly about bad things, so its not really a wonder that im more inclined to think that way

now im wondering wether u also live near or even in germany, but no need to dox urself

i first saw ur comment (inside the brackets), so didnt sound aggressive, but am thankful that u added that
hope u also have a good time of day :)


Everydaycitizen900 wrote

I'm definitely more inclined to believe what you said after reading OP's comment, I would like to apologize for downplaying your claim about the risk of Neo-Nazis in the country, I kinda reacted with outdated knowledge on German politics which was a big mistake on my part.

As for country, I actually live in the U.S., so further away than you to say the least. It might be a reason why I'm an idiot, xD.


BLVDE wrote (edited )

no worries
like i said, im probably overtstating it quite a bit, but... if u keep sein bad shit...

always those americans /s ;p


itsalways1312somewhere OP wrote (edited )

I strongly disagree with your take here. Between AfD polling at 20% (last time I checked, also other parties are getting closer to the AfD policy wise ), the current government proposing even more racist, abhorrent immigration laws than there already are, pumping more and more money into our military, supporting the blatant racism of frontex, and all the nazis in our police, military and intelligence agency that keep popping up and adding to that all the reichsbürger and other conspiracy theory assholes that have been emboldened during the pandemic, and to that our government's ignorance/encouragement of several genocides abroad, I think to say that Germany learned from its history is a bit of a stretch. And that a lot of people don't really see that is just another symptom of the situation we're in right now.


Everydaycitizen900 wrote

After seeing what you wrote, I take back my statement on the matter, I think I was going on my knowledge per-pandemic and failed to realize how much things could have changed when it came to politics, the most I have heard about Germany recently is about them banning Palestinian flags and the motto "From the River to the Sea", I've also heard of the reichsbürger coup but I thought that was a small group of monarchists idiots trying to restore a dead empire, didn't realize that there were so many German monarchists about.

Overall, I'd liked to apologize for trying to denounce the worry's about the raise of neo-nazis in Germany, I definitely see now that it's a way bigger issue than I first thought.


LexieAssassin wrote

I was vaguely aware of this, but I was unaware of the details. I'll have to check out the links later once I get off work and have the time. On the subject of Germany, my understanding is that die Linke Partei is very tankie and the only der Grünen Partei is really leftist. Curious to hear a German perspective on that. (Though at least the one thing you mentioned is good.) I remember learning of a political test website a few months back, and it said I was a 98% match with der Grünen Partei, with die Linke being not far behind in the like mid-90% I think. My main disagreement with der Grünen Partei is that I'm rather pro-nuclear power. (Not counting the AnCom part of things, but meh…) Well, and then there's the so-called Alternative für Deutschland Partei… Which is just yikes. Nazis straddling the borderline of what is allowed in Germany from what I gather. The fact it exists at all is extremely worrying. (Fascist resurgence globally not withstanding.) Ugh. I forgot where I was going with that train of thought. Well, almost time for me to get back to it anyways. So ist das Leben im Kapitalismus. Ich brauch' einen Übersetzer, der mir hilft, das zu sagen. Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut.


itsalways1312somewhere OP wrote

Keep in mind I don't vote, I don't really care about voting, I'm not affiliated with any party and what I'm about to say may not necessarily be the most objective or well informed characterisation of those parties. I don't want to choose who governs me, I don't want to be governed.

I only have some sympathies for the APPD because they're basically a couple of punks taking the piss. Although I haven't looked to closely at them, so maybe they are problematic.

Die Linke is more of a socdem / big tent leftist party because it's the only left wing party of any relevance, if you're a leftist and you believe in electoralism this is your only choice, even if it's a shit one. They do certainly have some tankies (although a lot of them recently split off into the BSW). Aside from a general distaste for political parties, I dislike them because they didn't do enough to remove the tankies and also they've had their own #metoo thing that they didn't handle as well as they should've imo.

The tankiest of the tankies have their own parties, the MLPD (marxist leninist party germany) and the DKP (german communist party) and a new party around Sahra Wagenknecht that is yet to be announced (always a good sign when a party forms around one person).

The green party is not a left wing party. They're your average neoliberal party with some green (and an unhealthy dose of esoterism, like the magic crystals against cancer kinda thing) slapped on top of it. Like, they don't really have a profile outside of "caring about the environment". And despite that being the only thing they really stand for, their environmental politics are more moderate than that of die Linke.


LexieAssassin wrote

I see. IIRC, Adam Something made the claim about die Linke and der Grünen. I largely agree with your stance (shocking concept on Raddle, I know. /s), but I personally do vote here State-side. More so on issues, than anything else. Not to say I haven't figuratively held my nose and voted for the Democrats before. Hell, probably will again considering how fascist the Republicans are getting. I see it as temporary harm reduction at best. Systemic change is still needed.

Oh, and I remembered earlier what I was gonna say… Sounds like the culture of remembrance is only for the cis het jews. They care mostly about the 6mil and not much at all for the remaining 4mil.


itsalways1312somewhere OP wrote

Oh, and I remembered earlier what I was gonna say… Sounds like the culture of remembrance is only for the cis het jews. They care mostly about the 6mil and not much at all for the remaining 4mil.

Apparently in Berlin they want to destroy the memorial for murdered Sinti and Roma people to build a subway tunnel underneath.!5969451/


LexieAssassin wrote

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot... Surely there's another way to improve mass transit!


Everydaycitizen900 wrote

I honestly don't even know why I'm shocked that someone proposed getting rid of a memorial to honor Roma and Sinti victims of the Holocaust, there seems to be a special hatred against Roma people throughout Europe which seems to be still going strong for some reason.