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snoo wrote

The best timeline. UwU


Vrik_IV wrote (edited )

Why are the libs sparing Hawaii and other archipelagos, that is the real question


Radriendil wrote

They've been through enough. We're granting Puerto Rico and Guam independence as well, though with a mutual defense treaty so they don't just get annexed by Russia or something.


TotallynotJessica wrote

Us Yankees ain't never been queers! We need bring back leaders like FDR that can stand up to these commies! Lincoln would lay a smackdown on these mentally ill arguments about "class" or "privilege" that are tearing this country apart.. This Marxist crap is pushed by those globalist elites to try and ruin our perfect country! If they win, they'll trans Uncle Sam into some weak willed woman.

/s if it wasn't clear.


Radriendil wrote

I gotta use that "anticommunist Roosevelt" angle more, that's great.