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IAmASwarmOfBees wrote

Where is the "common name but with suuuper weird spelling"?


RixiaShokuhou wrote (edited )

Sounds like chaotic good. Since you are being extra with the spelling.


IAmASwarmOfBees wrote

Time to change spelling of my name. (I just decided that my typically gendered name now is gender neutral and everybody else just needs to catch up)


Bane_of_Toads wrote

I am simultaneously lawful neutral and neutral evil.


BrainFarmReject wrote

My chosen name is just a normal one I always liked (I don't know why).

My birth name is one my parents made up based on a noun, and I've grown weary of correcting the many different ways people spell/pronounce it.


I_the_red wrote

Mine is lawful good/neutral; my chosen first name is my mother's name, and (one of) my (possible) middle name(s) is (following Norse tradition) a nickname based on my red hair.

I haven't decided the rest yet.


hobomobo87 wrote (edited )

mine is a ciscore name because i'm only good at made-up names and online handles. i still like it though, but it could be way better, like my raddle nickname.

edit: and most cis people think having a non-ciscore name makes you weird. i'm weird, but... you know... i mean i don't have to comform to their silly worldview, but my self-esteem is not there yet


Haven_n_Aura wrote

I am nb and kept my birth name, but I've adopted Haven as a pseudonym that I use in many places

The story behind it came from me looking up gender-neutral names for a game-like project I was doing, and I ended up on Haven and well...I like it too so yeah


strangejune wrote

June is either chaotic or lawful good and I can't tell which.


OnlyCirceOus wrote

My full name manages to hit all four corners. I not only transcend gender, but alignment as well! lightning crackles across my very being

Actually I lie, I only hit three of them but I had this image of some weird Quickening like scene and had to share. ☺️



RikkaYeet wrote

i kept my birth name as it a gender neutral name. but I want my nickname to be rikka.


Sam_the_enby wrote

I picked Sam because a) it's gender neutral, and b) it's the name of the player character in my favorite video game


Starfire_dragoness wrote (edited )

Wait... seriously?

blinks, staring at my drivers license... blinks, staring at this chart... blinks.... staring at my driver's license, repeats name at loud just to be sure, looks at this chart again, moving to next square, repeats process 8 times...





9/9! Wooooooo!!!!! I got 100%!!



dust wrote (edited )

well in english it's from a character I like and in toki pona it's a noun, well technically it's an adjective because grammar


eyrie wrote

i changed letters from a kinda-normal name


SnowBallMoonRise wrote

lawful evil (both my chosen names) or lawful neutral (you know)


AuroraAustralis wrote

I'd say I was inspired by the mythological goddess of the dawn, but I might have actually been thinking of Sleeping Beauty


llyn wrote

im in neutral evil i suppose. i had mentioned this noun that sounded like it should be used as a name but wasnt, and my friend said yeah just use it, and it changed my world.


Atomic1219 wrote

My dad originally wanted to name me Roswell because he thought the ultrasound looked like an alien. I just took out half the letters and got β€œRose”


Zb0 wrote

I used an Arabic translation of the name of my favorite animal...bird


cas wrote

Me: What if I cut my name in half?


Calcutt4 wrote

Mine was partially stolen from a WW2 Japanese torpedo bomber, what does that make me?


Tachi wrote (edited )

I'm currently somewhere between wanting to do lawful neutral online (but...also both nicknames are just normal fem names? In hindsight, probably a hint in there...), true neutral with IRL people to avoid having to come out to them and...considering either of the nicknames or the female equivalent of birth name (whichever alignment that is) when I come out.


Krilstryks wrote

What would found it on a homestuck fanfic be? I took my name from a trans vriska fic


lynk_is_cisnt wrote

Is Lilith a ciscore name or would that fall under 'I made it up'?


Ms_Alize wrote

Lawful Evil. Named myself Alizebeth after Alizebeth Bequin of the eisenhorn and Bequin 40k novels by Dan abnett. A stoic powerful woman, strong willed, ruthless, devoted to her cause. All traits I'd like to embody myself.


randomtransgal wrote

I went totally ciscore so that if one day I'm able to pass super well I'll hopefully be able to blend in better


Leah0000 wrote

none of these, i named myself after my email :)