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InfAmy wrote

"Hey, I'm singing both parts of this duet, I must be so good at singing" So much fun!

Also, I never thought about it before I cracked, but yes, I prefered to do that with female vocalists more than male, maybe that should have been an indicator, hmm...


Bane_of_Toads wrote

I totally don't do this to the town inside me for this exact reason.


dismayabee wrote

Done this forever. Yes it should have been a sign.

Anyway sing with me!

Wake me up inside (save me) Call my name and save me from the dark (wake me up) Bid my blood to run (I can't wake up) Before I come undone (save me) Save me from the nothing I've become

(Amy Lee is voice goals, does this show my age?)


dismayabee wrote (edited )

I'm reading this I might have subconsciously picked a personally relavent song...


InfAmy wrote

Well, you picked one personally relevant to me certainly.

How dare you call me out like that!

I have a VHS tape somewhere I used to record the music videos onto from TV, and this song was one of the first on that tape. So many hours spent recording and rewatching, then setting the second machine to record from the first to put it into a playlist format


dismayabee wrote (edited )

I guess I can only say, I see you Amy.


PikaPilot wrote (edited )

Me when I'm singing aloud to a song, and then I take off the headset to see if i actually sound good


MilkCandy192 wrote

There's a reason so many trans women are drag queens! Go get that gender euphoria


I_the_red wrote

I do this with Nightwish and Arch Enemy (among others).

I wish I could muster the will do learn the girl voice (or the growling voice), but it's a bit difficult when my most comfortable vocal range is high bass/low baritone...


Iris07 wrote

i didnt need to be called out like this