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mima OP wrote

Help I'm still stuck with Doremy's third nonspell

What do you mean I should use a bomb, what if I get stuck with say Clownpiece and I don't have any bombs left


idkalice wrote (edited )

havent played lolk so idk, bombs reset when you die so imo (never played on anything harder than normal so i could be wrong) it's better to waste a bomb than die, but if the bomb saves you then it's not a waste, also by the time i get to the stage 5 boss i've prob already died at least once lol

the bomb reset might be different in lolk but i highly doubt it


mima OP wrote (edited )

I think it resets to the previous number of bombs you had at the time if you didn't clear the checkpoint

The thing with Pointdevice mode is that you get less bombs over time, unlike in Legacy where you get more resources. So I wanna make sure by the time I get to Clownpiece I still have like 3 or more bombs

Also wouldn't it be funny to face Clownpiece with 10 bombs at your disposal lol