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Use tor impossible on palemoon ? Is Palemoon that Secure ? a copy on:

On the page (Captcha Cloudeflare)

a copy on:

It was asked why palemoon configured under tor ( could not access addresses with a 'cloudflare service'.

Cloudflare blocks the 'exit node addresses' of 'the tor network': These addresses are well known and are increasingly used as spam.

The technical Question that Was Asked on this page was :

  • Can Palemoon be considered a secure browser ? Since it is now impossible to use it with the tor service, in more and more sites, sites using the cloudflare service ?

The question remains unresolved and as long as a TECHNICAL SOLUTION IS FOUND :

  • The Answer is NO, Palemoon is no longer Secure.

Examples of increasingly common and important addresses, websites that have subscribed to 'the very restrictive Cloudflare's service':

Try running tor, set palemoon for tor (, palemoon or any other browser. And you will see the growing number of sites now using 'Cloudflare's restrictive service'.

Examples for technical addresses revolving 'only around palemoon':



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MHC wrote

At a club, via its Wi-fi, I couldn't use Tor!