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From Hacker News:

I skimmed through that law draft. Translation: They want you to face jail, if you provide an "internet based service", which "accessibility is restricted due to specific, technical precautionary measures", and which "purpose is to allow or encourage specific illegal actions".

They refer in particular to the Tor network and its abuse by serious crime, but how I read this law, you could apply it for all kind of things. For instance if somebody runs an encrypted IRC channel or email service. This is yet another attack on freedom in Germany thanks to the Christian Democratic Union.



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Fossidarity OP wrote

This is terrible news, this is going to set such a huge precedent for other countries to also ban Tor.


wekhiu48 wrote

There are quite a few nodes in Germany last time I checked as well. This would be a big blow and cause a chilling effect.


MHC wrote

Authoritarians' chilling is a problem!


ESOTHO wrote (edited )

Frankly, I don't get your confusion about this. The text clearly says AND at an important point:

Mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu drei Jahren oder mit Geldstrafe soll bestraft werden:

wer eine internetbasierte Leistung, deren Zugang und Erreichbarkeit durch besondere technische Vorkehrungen beschränkt ist, anbietet


deren Zweck oder Tätigkeit darauf gerichtet ist, bestimmte rechtswidrige Taten zu begehen oder zu fördern.

Isn't it obvious that crime is illegal? What's your point, people?