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ziq wrote

Does seem like most people are happy being bootlickers.


heckthepolice2 wrote

I'm not sure I'd say people are happy; look at the pandemics of depression, addiction, etc. It's just that power is very good at misdirecting people's unhappiness.


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote


Perhaps most people would want freedom. I don't think we can know that because we are so brainwashed, our imaginations so limited, our worldview so incredibly truncated to just include that which has been force-fed to us for so many generations now that we can't even really imagine freedom. Even those of us who have shed much of that brainwashing/capitalist paradigm struggle to imagine that world and put it into practice. Those who are still deep in the chance.


Kaito wrote

Anarchists are pro-freedom. Don't see any problem.

Where is the freedom when you are constantly ruled?