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noordinaryspider wrote

It's not a sentence because you didn't capitalize the "s", but what moved me to tears about this phrase or collection of words is the pure, unbridled optimism and your ability to conceptualize a world where this technology is not used against us by powers that we do not have the strength to overcome.

There is context that I don't want to share publicly, the way I did when I was so shocked and surprised that ANY "he" who likes "she"s could understand that chick flick, but your mother raised you right.

You give me hope. I may completely disagree with you about absolutely everything and we may very well butt heads on debate threads and you may walk away hating me and thinking I'm mean or ignorant, but that's got nothing to do with what I'm trying to say now, which is nothing more or less than a stupid fan letter from a complete stranger about a stupid post on an internet forum.

Take care and see you around da interwebz.