Gravity is a load of crap

Submitted by noordinaryspider in thoughts

Everything else they ever taught me in school was bullshit, why should I believe that this "gravity" shit is going to be the single exception?

Yea, right.

This planet's spinning so fast it's making me nauseous and sooner or later I'm going to fall off.

Fuck your "gravity" victim-blaming bullshit; take responsibility for your own actions, asshole.


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Dumai wrote

FUCK gravity


raindropq wrote

really all just vibration, light resonance/disonance in reciprocal flux, innit? i can feel it in the air


raindropq wrote

No we won't fall off. you will stand on the Earth until the Sun explodes with the rest of us. i hope they hear you whatever asshole your talking too


supernice wrote

Lol, I can't tell if you're being serious or not, but I'm inclined to say "It's magick!" about a great many thing these days. I'll start putting so-called "gravity" in that bucket :)