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leftous wrote

this post may contain a point of view you have not considered

Had to laugh at this part since you posted the mainstream liberal opinion that we're all bombarded with daily. This isn't some revelation.

But anyway your suggestion of "insist on a smart, well read (on Milo's bs), person on stage with Milo to challenge him and provide the counter argument" is a silly suggestion. Imagine if the far-right started demanding sharing the stage with leftists during left marches, protests, or strikes. Like for example you have a feminist on stage talking about sexual harassment/assault, and beside her is a "counter" far-right winger who defends rape and says the women there are asking for it. Or a march for immigrants and oppressed minorities where the stage is shared with a MAGA or "blue lives" type who thinks they are dirty moochers and wants to ethnically cleanse them.

See how ridiculous that sounds? It really doesn't make sense to share or allow platforms with people who want to harm or kill you/others.

Also you have to keep in mind that most people's beliefs and ideology are emotionally driven. They won't be convinced by someone deconstructing Milo's BS even if they are being perfectly logical.