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everything I do is an exhausting, arduous, uphill battle against everything: from forcing my body and mind to function, to forcing myself to interact with a vicious, cannibalizing society, to doing back-breaking labor for affluent blowhards who blissfully exploit the shit out of me day after day, year after year and loudly mock me when I ask for anything

it all seems impossible yet somehow i do it without unleashing bloody fury on every cruel force of authority that presses in on me from every direction

survival in a world that's seemingly designed to crush and kill everything within it is the purest expression of anarchy there is



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Majrelende wrote (edited )

To be honest, it sounds as if you are ruling yourself to survive. It isn't anything the vast majority of us don't do, but I hope some day it becomes something other than normal.


ziq OP wrote

you can't rule yourself, ruling is something imposed on others.

other people rule me, using the threat of violence and when that fails the act of violence, and i survive in spite of it