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(there's a reddit support forum for Tails, but while reddit is often locking Tor user out, raddle seems to be a more reliable option. )

If you've never heard about Tails or being unsure what it is, here a very short intro:

Tails is an operating system (like Windows or Debian is one) that focuses on privacy, usability and security.

It is live: Meaning that you can run it from nearly any Laptop, without installing anything onto that machine. You just plugin your Tails USB/DVD and that's it.

It is amnesic: Tails is designed to leave as little trace as possible on the computer you use it with. Nothing is installed to the hard drive, and the RAM is being overwritten on shut down.

It is Incognito: All internet traffic is routed through Tor, by default and enforced.

It is easy to use: Tails is developed to protect people in need, rather then giving tech-dudes another toy to play. Usability has a high focus.

To learn more about Tails visit:



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Kinshavo wrote

I will give it a try today with the work pc, then I can use it more 😬