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Bezotcovschina OP wrote (edited )

For me it was, in a high school. There was some kind of a summer camp, but for geeks. Local computer education group was involved in organization of this summer camp. Among them was some D&D enthusiasts. I was curious, because I was already familiar with video games like Neverwinter Nights, so I've joined them.

It was D&D 3.0. My first character was a halfling rogue (of course), and the game itself was conducted following what you now can name "old-school" rules, meaning that rules are only exists to be broken by a Dungeon Master. It was so much fun, so I've become really hooked to tabletop-rpgs for my entire life. Addicted even.


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

We bought a "beginner kit" with a friend, and I had a pathfinder themed birthday party. I was the DM and we basically played the prepackaged adventure. I didn't get hooked but it was a cool experience.

the friend with which we shared the kit carried on to play naheulbeuk every week for a year, which is a french fun/parody RPG based on a RPG themed podcast.


ordinaryDrain wrote

My first tabletop-rpg experience also took place in high school. I was apart my schools swim team, and a few of my teammates decided it would be fun to play D&D together. We only played around 10 times but it was probably my fondest memory of being on a sports Ive played D&D a couple times with different groups but only one offs.


rush wrote

In elementary school, I played with a friend who had older brothers who were into it. I was unable to grasp the mechanics in a timely manner, and he wasn't very patient with me. We played a few short sessions, but ultimately just called it off.

Flash-forward about fifteen years, and I'm a stoner at a table full of murderhobos. Flash-forward another five, and I'm now a forever GM.