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ziq wrote

I could only watch the first episode before I had to leave for work, but it was incredible. I love Michael, I love that Saru evolved from livestock and I love that the Klingons are scary again.

I saw that the airing got delayed by CBS in the US because a football game ran long - can't be good for the show's prospects if people that set their DVRs only get half the episode.


Durruti wrote

Had some time to digest the new episodes.

I'm, really stoked to meet these new characters.

Michael is very cool, hearkens back to Spock.

And her being sentenced to life? wth. I predict a situation similar to Tom Paris, she will be given a task to complete by Starfleet to gain a pardon.

As Ziq mentioned, Klingons are scary again.

I love the aesthetics of the show so far.


________deleted wrote

By the end of DS9, the Klingons really were a pale immitation of their former glory. Like WW2 vets watching Matlock in a nursing home.


ziq wrote

They were pretty much used for comic relief at that point. Worf would just yell about 'honor' endlessly and then be put into a situation that would make him uncomfortable and embarrassed.


boringskip wrote

So all the Klingons are bald now? Some were saying it was just their sect.

What's up with the robot person on the bridge?

It was all pretty good.


mofongo wrote

I'm a newcomer to the series and my impression is that I'm not partirculally impressed. The dramatic changes of number one i found them offputting and her decission making very rash considering her background.

I didn't like that the writing at times sounded like an effort to appear smart than actually saying something smart.

Beyond that, I enjoyed very much. The cgi was pretty good, movie like even. The kinglong look amazing and I enjoyed their arc more than the heroine's.


Defasher wrote

I think that's her struggle though, that she's a human trying to be a Vulcan (the species that is devoted to logic), and so her emotions cloud her judgement.


4t0m wrote

I really miss the Klingon hair. Their wiki article says the redesign is based on evolution and biology so apparently this is what science says Klingons should look like.

Other than that, the only thing I've ever wanted in my Star Trek is special effects.