Idea to make the 4th Kelvinverse movie possible after the 3rd one underperformed

Submitted by BlackFlagged in startrek

Make 2 movies. Split the cast in two - Spock, Kirk, Uhura and Kirk's dad in the first one. Bones, Sulu, Chapel and Scotty in the second one, and have each movie take place during the same time but in alternating locations.

The first movie could feature the entire csst in the opening scene before they diverge, and the second movie can do the same with the final scene.

That way, you can pay the entire cast what you would pay them for one movie, but get two out of it. And you only have to pay for one set of sets.

Film them both at the same time so they can share other resources too.

And since the star power is diminished in the 2nd movie, add a TNG character to it, like Data.


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________deleted wrote

Sounds good, but I wouldn't want all the sets to be the same. The final climax set piece should be unique in each film.


_ziq_ wrote

I like it, but it would make more sense to split Spock and Kirk up so each of them can anchor a movie. I don't think Bones, Sulu and Scotty are enough of a draw. So my line up would be:

Movie one:

The 2 Kirks, Uhura, Bones

Movie two:

Spock, Scotty, Sulu and the alien woman from the end of the last movie who joined Starfleet.


chaos wrote (edited )

I believe Data was created before ToS started (his creator Dr Soong appeared in the Enterprise show decades before ToS), so they could bring him in if they wanted, and since the timeline is altered - Data might have never been deactivated in the Kelvine timeline.