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neverinNJ OP wrote

IN EARLY MARCH, NBA commissioner Adam Silver could have chosen any number of topics as the featured speaker at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, but one question gnawed at him: Why aren't NBA players happier?

"To the outside world, they see the fame, the money, all of the trappings that go with it," Silver said. "[Our players] are the best in the world at what they do and people think, 'How is it even possible they could ever be complaining?' Some of these players come from difficult circumstances, and some of them are amazingly isolated."


F_x wrote

The most divisive issue was whether to permit “hacking,” or kicking an opponent in the leg (the answer, ultimately, was ‘no’).


Football is a far better name for the sport. I'm under the impression that I've once heard soccer was in reference to the long socks.


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leftous wrote

Yeah, it is rare to find any anti-capitalist sports fans, no less a leafs fan. I thought I was being trolled.

The shitshow will be breaking records this year, especially considering only 96 tickets were released to the general public. I doubt there will even be a way to get a good view.

Also too that game ended just 1-0, VGK were playing their asses off and deserved the W though. I'm pretty confident the Bs-Leafs series will be by far the best round 1 series this year.


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Youre a Leafs fan??? No way selv, I think we may be long lost brothers. At least you can get CBC over-the-air so you should be good for the playoffs.

I am actually most curious to see how Vegas will do, and whether or not that regular season was just a fluke.


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Race plays a tremendous role in how riots or protests are covered and policed. There's no doubt about this. But the motivation for riots or protests plays a huge role too. When the reason for rioting actually threatens the system you can be guaranteed it'll be called a riot regardless of race. And it will receive equal police brutality. Occupy Wall Street is the most recent example of some primarily white crowds being causally assaulted by police.