Submitted by Pash in solarpunk (edited )

Some things to note –

  • It's white, reflecting radiated heat away.

  • Each room rises to a point. Warmer air will rise and go out the window (which it wouldn't with a flat roof)

  • At the top of each of these domes is an octagonal window that will catch the wind no matter which direction it's coming from and channel that wind into the home. See:

  • Each room is basically a mash-up of a windcatcher and a yakhchāl. See:

  • The walls are very thick, so when the above tricks make the indoors cooler, the bulky walls also become cooler, and at night they become cooler. Then when it suddenly becomes hot, they will take a long time to lose that coolness (whereas thin walls would heat up quickly).

  • The floor is elevated a few inches above ground (that step at the porch is what I'm talking about) to keep dust out. Dust is a huge problem in desert-living.

  • The windows have shutters for dust as well (and security and light). Imagine trying to break into a house with wooden shutters; sure you could use an axe but that would not be very stealthy.



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Pash OP wrote

The only thing that would make this better is some cloisters