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leftous wrote (edited )

/u/kjsjdshkjhjk seems to be posting in /f/GunDeals but if some of you from r/SRA want to mod this forum, you can contact the admins.

there's also /f/armedleft


cleverusername wrote (edited )

I renamed myself to something more clever (der her), but yeah I'm trying to at least have something going here in f/GunDeals because Voat is the absolute worst. /u/zombie_berkman already had the forum created and ready, so props to him.


Ecklar wrote

Honestly I don't think gun discourse will be allowed on reddit at all in a year or two. I think maybe we should tell people from the SocialistRA subreddit to move here.


Pug_party wrote

I worry about that, too. Their reason for banning gundeals was pretty weak, so I doubt it would be too much more of a stretch for them to keep banning general gun discussion.