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roanoke9 wrote

Slight critique- should not Jesus be centerred over the bag of sand in the second frame? Since that is what he replaces the idol with? Would also then allude to the very poor relapse record of AA, since the sandbag does not work- and just triggers the boobytrap.


TwentyFiveCharsOrLess OP wrote

Yeah, I did it wrong


roanoke9 wrote

Np. I did get the gist of it and liked it. Only on closer inspection did the bag vs idol thing pop up.

Another thought i had was, Hey Indy! The drinking was never the issue, it was what you did to Marian Ravenwood and also your self righteous statist grave robberies. How do you fight naaaazzzzziiis? By stealing stuff they want to steal before they steal it and giving it to the us government for safe keeping? Whhhhaaaaatttt?