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emma wrote

having zero libido forever


noordinaryspider wrote

BTDT bought the T shirt and like most sexual fantasies, it's probably more fun to think about than actually do.

Please stockpile birth control pills[1] while you can if someone said, "It's a girl!" when you were born; I didn't and look how I turned out.

[1] DIY HRT but you have to cut them in half and do more research than I can emotionally handle right now.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

A big, comfy bed with all my closest friends, everyone at a stage of development or acceptance with their body that they're completely comfortable with themselves, and nothing else we have to do for the next three days.

A little less romantically, said closest friends tying me to that bed and taking turns on me.


noordinaryspider wrote

Since I'm asexual but not aromatic, your first fantasy sounds lovely and much better than my own. Can I borrow it for an hour or so while you're not using it? I'll wash it before I bring it back.


noordinaryspider wrote

Somebody I've been posting with online for awhile picks up on the fact that a funny joke is actually serious but I don't know that so I keep right on drinking my brandy.

Kids are at the sitters, rain's pouring down, headphones are on, nobody gives a fuck how many times I've been listening to this song or what is going on in my head. I'm safe. I'm thinking about my trans bro and noticing that my man-born bro is the exact same age as mj---not the kind I'm smoking, because that's legal and it says on the package that it was harvested last week.

Not THAT mj, the mj you call "Wacko Jacko", but I've got my headphones on and I'm suckin' on my bottle of Christian Brother's like a good little girl because I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

But then there's this godamnmotherfuckingcocksucking KNOCK on my door and this strange voice I've never heard before in my life and it's saying, very calmly and ratiuonally as if it actually knows what it's talking about:

"ButterflyzRfree123? It's me, IHateTrump2002. I'm not going to hurt you, I only want to talk. I know you're in there because nobody in this dump but you would ever name their wireless network 'join-us-now-and-share-the-software' and I figured out your password easily enough. You don't have to open the door unless you want to, but I'm not going to go away until you don't need me any more. There's a text file in your home/documents/personal/stupidstuff/myfavoriteposters/2018 file that I want you to read while I use my bolt cutters to break into your back yard and set up my tent so I don't freak out your neighbours. No worries, everything's cool."

I'm probably on the kinky side for Raddle, though. Mostly just cis, gay, trans, furries, and normal kink to the best of my knowledge.


Anarcropolis wrote

Why are you obsessed with peoples sex lives?


noordinaryspider wrote

It's called "voyeurism" and, although it is usually an attempt to gather information that can be later used to hurt people, in statistically insignificant cases it could be a self-soothing attempt by a suicidal individual in crisis.