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danceparty3000 wrote

What are you talking about?


raindropq wrote

uh, thta friendship is rooted in a trusting which some people tend to prioritize over their desire to have sex. and that some people neglect the magic of a relationship by insisting it can be have (or abstained from) without intent or purpose.


danceparty3000 wrote

You can abstain from a relationship for no reason at all. I'm pretty sure you can also be in a relationship, with or without sex, for no reason at all, too.


gone wrote

I think some people might be reluctant to engage in an emotionally intimate relationship if it is assumed that they will be required to provide sex or that their partner will be required to abstain from sex to please them, i.e., you might desire emotional intimacy but not want to deprive someone you find attractive of sexual intimacy.

If a person is accustomed to language like "cock tease", it can be frightening to just ask. If one person has greater social capital and/or physical strength, it can be difficult for the more vulnerable person to believe that their needs will be respected.

Anyway....just curious is all, no judgement intended.