Looking through It's Going Down and found this itsgoingdown.org

Submitted by tanattyn in sex

Numbered are paraphrased points that I want to respond to.

  1. Queer is pretty much all of anti-capitalism; queer is inherently criminal.

Except when it's LGBT billionaires, clergy, and cops, genociding, raping, jailing, torturing, and killing poor LGBT. It's us that end up doing all the direction and work of mass struggle in our favor, while they literally try to beat us into isolation and political silence.

  1. (Says pretty much the same thing later)

... oh. Right on.

  1. I punched a male bully once and got off to it; that's when I knew I was a violent queer / anarchist.

I, don't think the NJ4 necessarily got off to beating that guy. But, hell yeah.


All in all, I like. I get along with LGBT radicals, even when our opinions differ, so much better than cishet male radicals, that sometimes I wonder if the latter is even capable of radicalism.


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