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Riseup offers Personal VPN service for censorship circumvention, location anonymization and traffic encryption. To make this possible, it sends all your internet traffic through an encrypted connection to, where it then goes out onto the public internet.

Unlike most other VPN providers, Riseup does not log your IP address.

Riseup has a VPN client called RiseupVPN. This VPN client is super easy to use! You just install it and run it—no configuration, no account registration.

This is an experiment to see if we can create a VPN service that is easy enough for everyone to use and that people will donate enough to sustain. "



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RaddleMyAss wrote (edited )

client called RiseupVPN

I never use these clients, default OpenVPN is enough if you know what you are doing.


just1602 OP wrote

Yeah, but a lot of people don't necessary know what they are doing with a computer and it can help them. The other things is, Riseup talk about closing their red vpn for a couple of years now, so I guess that when riseup-vpn will be stable, the red one using vanilla openvpn will be close, tho.