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Raisins wrote (edited )

Let's hope it stays put at 14.


aiwendil OP wrote

It's hard to really know until we get the next Snowden level leak, which is like a twice a century thing at this point. Most government employees are totally cool with what they are being asked to do in the name of "National Security," So since the modern intelligence community was formed during WWII, there have only been two leaks on that level, including the Snowden leak, but then there was the Pentagon Papers released by Daniel Ellsberg. It would be nice if we could get this kind of information out of the government every couple of years, but since we can't, let's just assume that they are constantly expanding the scope of data collection to the best of their modern abilities. A 5-6 years ago, those abilities were startling and now they should be assumed to be even more startling.