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aiwendil OP wrote

I totally agree on monero vs. bitcoin. Bitcoin is totally traceable because of the block chain implementation, though running it through tor or i2p is possible as is also true with anoncoin, but monero has some benefits beyond anonymity to consider also. Because there is no ultimate cap on monero, the potential life of the currency is extended and it becomes more fungible, behaving more like a currency and less like a pyramid scheme. I think bitcoin is however an improvement vs credit cards, but by no means is it a silver bullet solution.

I think the article has some excellent points though about password and encryption key length suggestions, that we could all benefit from(though possible a little out dated, just like the bitcoin advice.

Anyway, you should post the whonix article under opsec so more people can see it. I think it is a great read also. I am going to put it in the side bar as well.