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bloodrose wrote

I had an old phone for years. I had only enough room to take pictures, not enough to have aps and pictures. So I didn't have any aps because I had a baby whose pictures it was super important to me to take.

When I finally got a new phone less than a year ago, I had room for both. I had a conversation with someone in my car about the possibility that I had ADD that had gone undiagnosed my whole life (it often is for women/femmes). That night I got ads "Do you have adult ADD? How to tell." It was a horrific moment for me.

A few days later, I was having trouble sleeping so I opened up facebook app in bed, pushing my face mask to my forehead (but it was still on my face). Ads for face masks popped up. My phone was fucking watching me.

Now I have this expensive phone I'm kinda scared of. All because I wanted to play angry birds and take pictures of my daughter. I feel like a damned tool.