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autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

really good little read.

I would add that this comes down to your individual threat model.

If you are involved in direct action, then you should consider not talking about it on social media at all. Some people might choose to do so and can be valuable to a movement as a kind of public face and voice of a movement, but there is a twin danger there that this person might be targeted by the police (something they should be made aware of) but also that this person becomes a celebrity and is treated as a defacto leader.

I think for most activists anonymouse report backs and interviews are a better way to get your message out, while other people, disconnected from the organizing work should be spreading this information.

Naturally there are people with a low threat model, whom are not necessarily involved in activism in real life, such people do a valuable service in promoting stories. They too take on a certain level of risk but this is lower than one who is public and engaged in irl activism.