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Lets say you were a Bitcoin billionaire and hired a large number of people with new, clean email addresses. Those people registered on Facebomb and only make one post, then added a bunch of the same people as friends and likes their posts. The post they all make is a link to this y't video: (It's pretty horrible avantgarde jazz from the 70's if you don't want to click it). Then these people forget their credentials and never log in again. Would this mess with Faceblocks algorithms? :) Or are they smart enough to detect such fun and games? What do you think?



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zombie_berkman wrote

what are you even trying to do?


Mullvaden OP wrote (edited )

Lol :D I'm discussing hypothetical ways of disrupting "surveillance capitalism" hoping someone smarter than me had some insight in how these cybernetic behemoths work. I want to know if it would even be possible or futile to even think about.